The Grieving Pin

There was a time, not that long ago, when grieving was something public. People wore black arm- bands—or dressed entirely in black—to signify that they had lost someone close to them. Those around them knew, and understood. No words were needed.

Today, however, grief has become something private—and largely invisible. All around us, there are people who are carrying the pain of serious losses. We want to offer them support and sympathy … but we have no way of knowing what they are going through.
The Grieving Pin is an attempt to meet that need today, and to recognize that the grieving process is very different for each person … it isn’t just a day, a week, a month or a year. No “grieving period” respects the needs of each broken heart.

The losses we experience take time to absorb and adjust to … There are some days when our grief feels overwhelming, and even ordinary daily activities can seem impossible to accomplish. Special days and anniversaries can bring the pain crashing back to the surface.

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Because black is a traditional colour of mourning in many cultures, this enamel Grieving Pin— pinned to a lapel or a jacket—offers a subtle way of communicating to others that today is a day when someone is feeling a loss particularly acutely. It is an invitation to gentle interactions and respectful support … a kind word … a hug … an affirmation …sharing a memory of the one who has died.

On a day when ordinary tasks may perhaps be difficult, this pin invites compassion, patience and understanding as an individual walks the difficult path of grieving.

The Grieving Pin is an initiative of Heather Taylor, a Registered Nurse in Sarnia, Ontario, and the founder of After A Loss. Heather’s experience in supporting the bereaved highlighted the need for an appropriate symbol that could respectfully signal a person who is walking the journey of loss. It is a reminder that, even when it may be invisible, grieving is a daily reality for many around us. It allows us to respond to each other with kindness, thoughtfulness and respect, to help that slow journey of healing … until better times arrive.


For more information about the Grieving Pin, or to place an order, please contact:

Heather Taylor, R.N. (CEO of After A Loss)

Phone: 1-888-245-3997

E-Mail: heather@afteraloss.com



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