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Passion, Love and Faith

Tim believes telling stories of his son is the best way for his legacy to be preserved for generations.

When Tim Hickie’s son, Dustin, was battling cancer, he asked his parents about getting a tattoo. Dustin was only 15 when he was diagnosed with Desmoplastic Small Round Cell Tumor (DSRCT).

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Memories On A Chain

Photo of Barnswallow Design, a company who makes memorial products to preserve legacies for generations to come.

When Swani Landry began making jewelry for herself people commented on the unique pieces she wore, and asked her if she’d make something similar for them. Barnswallow Design was born.

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Finding Meaning In Loss

Photo of Andrew Dunn's walk/run where people come together to find meaning in loss. Love leaves a memory. Celebrate lives well lived.

Judy Dunn knew of her son Andrew’s battle with depression from the time he was 15 years old. Unfortunately, knowing about it and doing all she could to help him wasn’t enough to prevent him from taking his own life at age 23.

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Healing One Stitch At A Time

Coming together to work on an art project that will memorialize our loved ones for generations to come. Celebrate lives well lived.

In the past, a quilting bee was a way for members of a community to come together to finish in hours what would otherwise take weeks. It was also a social occasion, a chance to catch up with one another and share stories as they stitched.

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Preserving Their Legacy

Lisa believes that caring about someone means that you will preserve their legacy. Celebrate lives well lived.

Lisa Maslyk says one of the things that she wishes she would have been able to talk to her mom, Dora, about was how she really felt knowing she had cancer.“I look back on all the time and think, ‘We never really talked about it.’ It was her way to brush it under the rug. She […]

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